Like perfume...

Dec 22, 2014

Happiness. Whatever we are doing right this very minute is geared towards finding it. We are all in search of eternal happiness. I don't think there is something like that but I do believe that we are all responsible for being happy. It is a choice.

And just like perfume, you can spritz it towards others but in the process you will get a few drops onto yourself.

Happy Monday everyone!


Harmony in the family.

Dec 15, 2014
One of the things that I try so hard to espouse at home is harmony in the family, amongst family members. It's not an easy feat considering we are close to ten members in the house, my dad, siblings, and the youngest with his wife and kid. It's not an ideal setup, I am aware of it. With these many people in the house, chances are personalities will clash. Often, I should add.

And it happened a number of times already. I mean, amongst us siblings, it happened one time too many I lost count! And now it happens from time to time with the sister-in-law. Not big blowouts but petty stuff because you see each other every day, interact, so you will see the little things that differentiate her from the rest of the family.

Anyway, I am not writing this down to tell everyone that I have a bad SIL. In fact, I have a better one than you. I just hope it stays that way for years and years to come.

By the way, it's her birthday today.

Happy birthday, SIL!



Dec 14, 2014

And tomorrow holds so much promise of a better day. It holds so much hope for a brighter future.

Don't you think?

Happy Monday everyone!


What is an OPK?

Dec 10, 2014
I saw my newly-married cousin and her husband very happy when they announced that their expecting their first child. I think knowing her body better made it easy for them to conceive.

When a couple is trying to conceive, it is very important that a woman understands her cycle. Failure to determine when your ovulation is, is one of the very main reason for an unsuccessful attempt in getting pregnant. A woman only ovulation once per cycle and we only have 2 fertile days which is a very short window. That is why it is important to not miss that short window of opportunity when you're trying to conceive. There are several ways to know when you are ovulating. Pregnancy Tips show several ways to detect ovulation.

First is you can determine ovulation by using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK). An OPK is a like a pregnancy test, except that it detects ovulation instead of a pregnancy. An OPK detects your body’s LH surge and so when you see 2 dark lines (or the second line darker than the first line), you are most probably ovulating. Second is you can also check your cervical mucus. If you notice, we have different types of cervical mucus. When you are ovulating, your cervical mucus becomes a very clear substance, similar to that of the an egg white. Third is, you can also purchase a basal body thermometer wherein you track your ovulation by checking your body’s temperature. When a woman ovulates, there is a sudden drop on the temperature making a woman be able to determine that when she is charting her temperature daily. Read all about how OPKs work at

A thankful heart.

Nov 27, 2014
God knows best.

I asked for health to do great things.
He gave me illness, to do better things.

I asked for riches to make me happy.
He gave me poverty to make me wise.

I asked for power and the praise of men.
He gave me weakness.
To sense my need of Him.

I asked for all things that I might enjoy life.
He gave me life that I might enjoy all things.

I got nothing I asked for everything I hoped for.
In spite of myself my prayers were answered.
I am among all men most richly blest.

Yes, He always know what’s best.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!


What am I thankful for?

A lot! I am thankful for every little thing that I have and don't have in my life. I believe that there is a reason for everything that takes place in our lives and what I have now I am meant to have and those things that I don't have are not with me because I am better off without it.

It's a good thing that I have my sister-in-law who is really good with mxl microphones, a great voice at that! One of the things that I wanted to have had was a beautiful voice but I am okay with a great taste in music and a sister-in-law and cousins who have great voices.

I am thankful that even when I spent years and years envying a lot of people for having more than enough money to buy books, I can now buy any book I want and more! I believe those years I spent envying others took place so that I am prepared to become an owner of a lot of books. Ha-ha!

I have many things to be thankful for and one of those things is being able to pray.

Still wondering...

Nov 8, 2014
I wrote the following back in 2010 and I realized last night, I'm still wondering up to now... It's a really sad world of friendship for me. Tsk!

Last night, while trying to get some sleep, my mind wandered... and wondered. How come I am so good in organizing and even so eager to be there for friends but when it is my turn to need them, they are not there? 
A friend of ours lost his wife. I immediately messaged friends and acquaintances in Facebook about it, asking for prayers, telling them where to go and if they could offer their sympathies. My close friends and I went twice. We stayed for a while both times. I even encouraged them to really go. And we all did. But when my grandmother passed away, only a few offered their sympathies. Only two went to the wake. I understand that a wife is more important than just a grandmother in the scheme of things but it was my grandmother and she's very special to me. My friends know it, most especially the ones who are really close to me. 
I just felt so bad while wondering why last night. My two close friends stayed a while but they didn't return. One of them was living just a street away! 
Nakakasama pala ng loob when you think about it. Maybe I ought to stop being the good friend all the time. When my brother passed away, wala halos pumunta. When my mom passed away, they went but only once and for a short while only. That was my mom ha! 
Nakakasama ng loob. 

Elegant wedding flowers

Nov 6, 2014

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